Can You Smell That?

“The Intimacy of Heartbeats”
by Tray Taylor
IG: @allusiontoreality

What I intended to write about today no longer resonated with me after the end of the workday I just had. I felt I needed to write about something that would bring me pleasure and pass that on.

Some Mondays really are prickly than others.

I went out walking earlier this morning (during my break from virtually working) and I kept thinking how much I enjoy going for a walk this time of year. Mostly for the way the air smells so cold, crisp, and fresh in its own way. The skies seem bluer and the scenery more honest.

The walk reminded me of the way particular scents have a way of grounding and relaxing me.

My Dad was a chef (he is now retired) when I was growing up and he was always cooking or baking something which would smell throughout our house. Even on his days off he never stayed out of the kitchen for too long (as an adult I miss his cooking which has forced me into trying to emulate what I learned and continue to learn from him in the kitchen).

The humor, looks, charm, and culinary skills I possess I owe to this guy (my Dad).

I vividly remember the times I would come home from school, work, or practice and I could smell dinner from the moment my car pulled up to the driveway. And if he wasn’t cooking or baking – he was always burning a candle.

These sense of smell memories keep flooding back and suddenly I feel calmer than I did at the start of this post (writing is magic).

As my mind continues to wander down scent memory lane – there are the times I remember waking up with my window open and the smell of him cutting the grass. It’s funny to recall all of the smells that take me back to that yellow house and younger times.

What are the other scents that I can recall in this moment and the feelings/words I associate with them?

  • Ocean/Beach (home)
  • Campfire (warmth)
  • Mom-mom’s Sunday cooking (love)
  • Vanilla (childhood)
  • Lavender (growing up)
  • Coffee (Dad)
  • Books (inspiration)
  • Apple-cinnamon (comfort)

Honestly, my list is more than likely longer than this – but the point is to just list and relax. So, I encourage you – can you think of 5, 10, or more smells that bring you comfort?

My next task is to go cook dinner and hope that my apartment will fill up with some delicious, comforting smells.

Seek joy and sit with it (or smell it).  

4 thoughts on “Can You Smell That?

  1. Rebecca Farnum

    YES! So many of yours I agree with and your post was a great inspiration and a wonderful comfort.
    Here are five smells that I thought of (with your help)…
    Ocean (I have always loved the water and the horizon and the smell of something open and big.)
    Campfire (It makes me thinking of camping with my family and my little brother and I toasting marshmallows.)
    Onions and garlic sautéing on the stove (makes me think of homemade meals and cooking with loved ones)
    Vanilla (I mean — who doesn’t love this smell!! Seriously, could be one of the best smells ever? During the pandemic, I have started putting vanilla in my cocktails.)
    Lavender (Yes, it makes me think of my grandmother. She grew lavender and I remember she would put the jar of sun tea to sit next to the lavender bush.)
    You are the best. Thank you. AND I love the art with this post. Just let me know how much it costs if you put it up for sale. -your bfar

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  2. maxwellsmart4

    Very much enjoyed reading your post. I am an olfactory attuned type. I tend to unconsciously bring things to my nose to smell them. My memories of smells are so acute, I can remember and mentally experience smells of places long ago. I am still able to recall the smell when entering my grandmothers house. I’ve heard a few times that one thing people tend to lose with the death of a person is their smell. I also have a unique preference of smell including skunk and tires. Even as a boy I remember going to a pile of tires in my father’s garage (he was a mechanic at the time) and loving the smell of tires. I know…strange. Another perspective of smell which fascinated me is the varying dominance of smell for different breeds of dogs. For example, I have raised many a dachshund, which are within the hound family, who have wandered off in a zig-zag pattern, lead by their nose.

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