To Do List: You

If you set goals for yourself in the age old “New Year, New Me” mindset - good for you. If you didn’t, eh no worries - I didn’t either. One thing I will propose you do after you finish reading this post is: think of one thing you promise to do that will be taking care of you this year - one thing that will leave you feeling happier, more loved, healthier, or better taken care of.

Tis the Season for Movies

I suddenly realized something about myself in that moment that I felt like I had been suppressing for over two decades of my life - because I thought I only could have one choice. On the screen, I realized I loved this movie because I have a crush on this actress and maybe it was the tequila - but does this mean I’m gay? It was a lot to process: I was drunk, I was at my ex boyfriend’s house, and I was having this inner monologue. So what do I do? I went outside after it had just snowed, sat on his front step and looked above my head to a porch decorated in Christmas lights, and I just cried.