Create Your Own Beginnings

“Create your own Beginnings” by Tray Taylor
IG @allusiontoreality

Well, after the big debate (with myself) I decided to create a blog again. I grew up in the blogging generation, or what I just declared as such. Where we all wrote about our days on Live Journal or Xanga. Then as the years went by that switched over to Tumblr. As an adult I had a WordPress for my writings, but then one day I decided to leave that all behind for a bit. Now here I am, again.

This time my blog will be different. It will contain my thoughts yes, and my writings occasionally. But, it will also contain more insight of what could be helpful to you, my audience. I will share what I may be listening to this week, or a recipe I discovered that turned out better than expected.

Writing is my first passion in life, but I would like to note this past May I received my master’s in library science. So, book suggestions may appear on this blog a few times as well. This is a blog about how my multifaceted personality functions and exists in this world.

I’ve never quite fit in a box, and I am learning that my blog doesn’t need to either.

I recognize that this is more about proving to myself I can keep up with what I set my mind to, and just hope that there are people out there that want to read my writing. That is what I have been holding on to my whole life as an aspiring writer. Wanting to make an impact on others with my words.

So, this is where it begins.

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