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10 Songs to Add to Your Playlist for September

This blog is officially a year old. 

I am satisfied with the base line of what this blog has become within the first year. I did not hit all of my goals of posting consistently, but I didn’t give up on writing when I missed weeks either (that’s a win in my book).

My goal for the second year of this blog is to grow my audience. This first week of September has been a lot of positive self-talk and pumping myself up. 

Remembering to focus on the goal when all I really want to do is give up.

This month of September has been testing me more than usual and it is only the first week.

I am sharing these 10 songs with you because they have helped me get through this very frustrating start to the month. Enjoy:

Gotta Get Through This – Remix – Daniel Bedingfield

**Listen to this song when you need an early 00’s nostalgic boost of energy to get through something in life

All of the Time – Jungle

**Listen if you need sudden a song that will instantly put you in a good mood

Just Fine – Mary J Blige

**Listen to this bop if you want to feel empowered

Beethoven – Kenndog

**Listen if you are looking for a new rap artist to listen to

September – Earth, Wind, & Fire

**Listen if you are actually happy September is here and ready for autumn weather

Deep Reverence – Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle

**Listen if you are still not convinced you should be listening to Big Sean (because you should)

Lost Ones – Lauryn Hill

**Listen to this song if you need a reason to feel compelled to revisit this *chefs kiss* of an album

Rumors – Lizzo ft Cardi B

**Listen to this song if you are behind in new music, because you should already have this one on your playlist

Bodies – The Knocks ft MUNA

**Listen to this song if you are looking for music that will transport you ahead of time to autumn

It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay – Whitney Houston

**Listen to this song if you need to be reminded that “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay”

What are some songs that have been getting you through this first week of September? Share with me below in the comments!

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