Sunshine? I Don’t Know Her

I think I ignore the fact that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a thing because I deal with depression year around. So, when the sun comes out I experience this extra burst of energy and renewed sense of self - without acknowledging it’s probably because spring is right around the corner. Also I have a love/hate affection for winter, so I don’t like to believe the season brings me as deep down into hibernation as it actually does - I can’t be alone in that, right?

To Do List: You

If you set goals for yourself in the age old “New Year, New Me” mindset - good for you. If you didn’t, eh no worries - I didn’t either. One thing I will propose you do after you finish reading this post is: think of one thing you promise to do that will be taking care of you this year - one thing that will leave you feeling happier, more loved, healthier, or better taken care of.