If We Could Turn Back Time (no..nope..not a Cher post…)

This past weekend I was having a talk with my partner about what things would be like if we didn’t have the current technology we have. If somehow the world time traveled back to before cellphones, streaming services, Google searches, and all that jazz. There are many benefits about the world we live in today, but in a world that is so deeply nostalgic for the past...there is no denying there are certain things that would be nice to still have around. 

To Do List: You

If you set goals for yourself in the age old “New Year, New Me” mindset - good for you. If you didn’t, eh no worries - I didn’t either. One thing I will propose you do after you finish reading this post is: think of one thing you promise to do that will be taking care of you this year - one thing that will leave you feeling happier, more loved, healthier, or better taken care of.