In the Midst of Chaos

One thought on “In the Midst of Chaos”

  1. Hey, saw you liked my post so I followed you. I’m going to binge read over the next few days. I’ve scanned a few posts and I think there is a symmetry not only in our voices, but how we see the world. Which is amazing for me because I don’t know a lot of writers. My world is mostly populated by artists and musicians and one cool as fuck MMA fighter. So reading your work inspires me to create more. My MMA buddy texted a few weeks ago telling me he was caught up on my blog and couldn’t believe how much content I create. He marveled at my talent. I told him writing is to me what training is to him. Therapy. I don’t know WordPress at all. Like. Not. At. All. Learning as I go. Anyway, I’m Wil. I look forward to reading your work and seeing things from your point of view.

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