Is This Thing On?

One thought on “Is This Thing On?”

  1. I just want you to know that there is hope in your dark times, I too suffer from depression, mine is caused by the grief and loss of my parents and beloved dog, When my Dixie passed, during the process I thought my world would end, I never really delt with grief well, I don’t have many friends or family to get it off my chest, so I tend to keep it in, Things that depression caused in my life are the dark thoughts, and at one point in time I stopped eating and caring for myself to the point where I would also stop showing, I felt what’s the point going on when my loved ones are gone. But again when Dixie passed, Of course, I suffered, tears and the pain of realizing she’s no longer with me, but for the first time, I did something about it, joined some Facebook groups, I shared her story, and also heard many others, I have some kind of outlet now, I also blog my thoughts and feelings, something I never did before, I feel like Dixie’s passing in a way inspired it, Again, don’t beat yourself up, find an outlet, rather its writing, music, or groups, anything to make gets it out, I think locking it in is what depression feeds off of. and to answer your question, Yes its on, and I read what you wrote, I wish you nothing but the best, You are special, You are You! and there’s only ONE YOU! Take Care! 🙏❤

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